Sunday, April 20, 2008

SOLD Items

These are all items before the site was revamped. Items here are all SOLD and are only for purpose of display :) Model pictures and descriptions have been removed to save space. Thank you to all my buyers! :D Heh

282. Vintage Denim Leggings

281. Little Braces Girl

280.Mock Half Cardi Long Sleeves

279. BNWT Scarlet Charcoal Grey Mini Lace Long Sleeves

278. Vintage Eyelet Halter

277. Soda Gathered Off Shoulder

276. MNG Brown Racerback

275. Basic Black Off Shoulder

274. Nicole Tied Executive Top

273. ELLE Active Sky Blue Velvet Hoodie

272. Authentic ADIDAS Dry Fit Collared Jersey

272. GAP Stretch Baby Tee

271. TOPSHOP Pink Long Ribbed Tank SOLD

270. White Cami with Pink Lining

269. McBlue Cami

268. Vanezza Regazza Black Tee
267. Fox Riders Pink Tee
266. Vanezza Regazza Ocean Blue
265. Minimal Statement Tee
264. Pastel Pink Spag

263. Thailand Brown Beads Tee

262. Thailand Pink Beads Tee
261. See by CLEO Tee

260. Esprit Collar Shirt
259. PDI Green Lining White Off Shoulder
258. Laguna Beach Tee
257. Ruoser's Sleeveless Armitage SOLD

256. Aeropostale Long Purple Tee SOLD

255. Brand New GAP Candy Cane Tube/Skirt SOLD

254. BODY GLOVE Pink Graphic Tee SOLD

253. BODY GLOVE Two in One Collared Tee SOLD
252. Orange Jeans Purple Tee SOLD

251. Brand New Royale Satin Browney Skirt SOLD

250. Chiffon Layered Skirt SOLD

249. Army Green Ruffles Skirt SOLD

248. Tribal Skirt/Tube Dress SOLD

247. Retro in Black and White Mini Dress SOLD

246. Ice Cream Tiered Tube/Skirt SOLD

245. Nicole MNJ Leather Slacks SOLD

244. Authentic Levis W521 Skinny Jean SOLD

243. MGL Black Denim Hotshorts SOLD

242. Brand New White IS Jeans SOLD

241. California Homey Shorts SOLD

240. Naf Naf Cargo Pants SOLD

239. Bronze Large Metallic Carry SOLD

238. Vincci Blue Floral Wedges SOLD

237. Esprit Teal Spaghetti Strap SOLD

236. ZARA Slim Fit Orange 3/4 Sleeves SOLD

235. BNWOT Wide Indigo Scoopneck Dress Top SOLD

234. J Crew Black Long Fitted V-neck SOLD

233. Khaki Brownish Grey Cardi SOLD

232. MISS SELFRIDGE Peach Tunic Dress SOLD

231. Dot Classic Purple Flutterby Dress SOLD

230. Emerald Green Satin Mini Dress SOLD

229. ZARA TRF White Dual Pocket Dress SOLD

228. Zebra Print Headband SOLD

227. Cream White Headband SOLD

226. Zara Basic White Tee SOLD

225. MNG Light Pastel Blue Baby Tee SOLD

224. BNWOT Abercrombie Full Sleeved Ribbed Semi Off Shoulder SOLD

223. MNG Basic Black Long Sleeves SOLD

222. MNG Adores U Plum Purple Tee SOLD

221. MNG Basic Baby Tees SOLD

220. MNG Basic Grey Long Sleeves SOLD

219. Charcoal Grey Draped Pullover SOLD

218. Clothesbucket's Monochrome Melissa SOLD

217.Vintage Tie and Dye Petite Racerback SOLD

216. Emanuelle Lady in Red Skirt SOLD
215. FCUK Multicoloured Top SOLD

214. Turquoise Babydoll Satin Sashay SOLD

213. Charcoal Grey Knitted Cardigan SOLD

212. Supergirl Diamond Tee SOLD

211. MNG Athletics Navy Tank Top SWAPPED

210. Boys are Tough but some Girls are Tougher SOLD

209. GAP Black Satin Sashay SOLD

208. MNG Black Collar Long Sleeves SOLD

207. Turquoise Deattachable Off Shoulder SOLD

206. Brand New Electric Blue Smocked Ribbon Off Shoulder SOLD

205. Padini Ribbed Grey Baby Tee SOLD

204. Electric Blue Double Zipper Off Shoulder SOLD

203. Monroe Zigzag Cami SOLD

202. WH Long Racerback SWAPPED
201. White Lace Cami SOLD
200. Brand New Smocked 2Way Corset SWAPPED
199. Satin Multiple Way Headband SOLD
198. Marshmallow Wool Mini Skirt SOLD

197. Authentic Levis Lady Style Love Me Jeans SOLD

196. Coffee Pinstriped Shorts SOLD
195. Brand New Khaki Green Shorts SOLD
194. Brand New Electric Blue Mini Cotton Hotshorts SOLD
193. Brand New Electric Blue Satin Hotshorts SOLD

192. Authentic Blue Guess Denim Mini SOLD

191. Authentic Nike Sportsbag SOLD

190. Ribbon Up Blue Spaghetti Strap SWAPPED
189. Basic Polo Tee SOLD
188. Electric Blue Basic Tank SOLD

187. Topshop Long Ribbed Tank SOLD

187. Leiluna Black Keyhole Top SOLD

186. Old Navy Brown V-neck Long Sleeves SOLD

185. MNG White Off Shoulder SOLD

184. Lotsa Love Cardigan SWAPPED

183. Giordano Sidestitch Jeans SOLD
182. Electric Blue Hoodie SOLD

181. Basic Pink Off Shoulder Long Sleeves SOLD

180. XOXO Ice Queen SOLD

179. Braided V-back Orange Rara Dress SWAPPED

178. Cream Bubble Spag SWAPPED

177. Green Cami SOLD
176. Padded Blue Halter SOLD
175. Green Jewel Jeans Top SWAPPED
174. Army Green Ruffled Spag SOLD
173. Khaki Green Hugging Top SOLD
172. Eden Floral Chiffon Tube SOLD

171. White Monographic Mod Tee SOLD
170. Brand New White Puffed Sleeves Top SOLD

169. Ballibong White Boardshorts SWAPPED
168. Comma Black Hotshorts SOLD

167. Multiple Way Smocked Tube SOLD

166. Esprit EDC Babydoll SOLD

165. Abercombie Peach Skinny Fitted Tee SWAPPED
164. Authentic Pink Fila Bag SWAPPED

163. Goggles 3/4 Sweatpants SOLD
162. White High Waisted Shorts SOLD
161. Freeway Mod Top SOLD

160. Old Navy Black V-neck Long Sleeves SOLD

159. Orange Sporty Crossback SOLD
158. Pink Mosaic Retro Halter SOL
157. Marshmallow Cardigan SWAPPED

156. Silver Weave Belt SOLD

155. Dark Silver Weave Belt SOLD

154. The Skinny Jeans SOLD

153. McQueen Painted Lady Jeans SOLD

152. MNG Black High Waisted Ribbon Shorts SOLD

151. Vanezza Regazza Grey Ribbon Sweatpants SOLD

150. Ti-Zed's Time Out 3/4 Sleeves SOLD

149. GAP Woodring Halter SOLD

148. Pepe Jeans in White SOLD
147. Blook Stripey Convict Tube SOLD

146. Army Green Semi Sheer Top SOLD

145. Dorothy Perkins Brown Long Sleeves SOLD

144. MNG Purple Racerback SOLD

143. Reebok Metallica SOLD

142. Clover Fitted Long Sleeves SOLD

141. Eyelet Garden Babydoll SOLD
140. Aeropostale Collared Tee SOLD

139. Hollister Cali Tee SOLD

138. White Cutaway Off Shoulder SOLD

137. Topshop Long Tank SOLD

136. BNWT Turquoise Butterfly Sleeves SOLD

135. Brown Ribbon Up Babydoll SOLD
134. Kamiseta's White Knits SOLD

133. White Racerback Spag SOLD
132. Pastel Yellow Bip Top SOLD
131. Basic White Long Sleeves SOLD

130. Army Boardshorts SOLD

129. Pinstriped Chanel Inspired Jeans SOLD

128. Electric Blue Smocked Galore SOLD
127. Tangy Orangey Peach Halter Dress SOLD

126. Abercombie Black Skinny Fitted Tee SWAPPED
125. Authentic Roxy White Hobo SOLD

124. Authentic Guess Black Denim Satchel SOLD

123. MNG Black V-neck Jumper SOLD

122. Milo Long Collared Tunic SOLD

121. Penelope's Yellow Mellow Tunic SOLD

120. Flaming Red Topshop 3/4 Sleeves SOLD

119. MNG Barcelona Yellow Tank SOLD

118. BNWT MNG Grey Racerback SOLD

117. BNWT MNG Peach Spaghetti Strap SOLD

116. Seed Skinny Half Cardigan SOLD

115. Black Seniorita SOLD
114. Khaki Green Jacket SOLD
113. MNG Juicy Orange Baby-T SOLD

112. Cats Whiskers Purple Flutter Sleeves SOLD

111. Zara Electric Blue Baby-T SOLD

110. Authentic Roxy Collared Tee SOLD
109. Giordano Hoodie SOLD
108. Robinsons Le Bleu White Tunic SWAPPED

107. Blook Lined Halter SOLD
106. MNG Fuchsia Off Shoulder SOLD

105. Pink Floral
Halter SOLD

104. Vincci Black Casual Wedges SOLD

103. Nose Velvet Brown Heels SOLD

102. Blay Silver Heels SOLD

101. Elastic Beads Belt SOLD

100. Tribal Beads Belt SOLD

99. Wavy Braid Belt SOLD

98. Arizona Yellow Mellow Tunic SWAPPED
97. Arizona Bubbly Blue Tunic S
96. Pretty Long Sunshine Tank Top SWAPPED

95. Blook Turquoise Halter Dress SOLD

94. Azzara Aqua Printed Tube SOLD

93. White Chiffon Layer Top SOLD

92. Unique Black Off Shoulder Toga SOLD

91. Guys Make Great Accessories Tee SOLD

90. Drowned in Gold Sequins SOLD

89. Jean Paul's Music Tee SOLD
88. MNG Chocolate Long Sleeeves SOLD

87. Convicted Sandals SOLD
86. Tiara Skinny Fitted Tee SOLD

85. GAP Light Pink Petite Baby-T SOLD

84. Turquoise Long Sleeves SWAPPED

83. Electric Blue V-neck Long Sleeves SOLD

82. Abercombie's Black Hoodie SOLD

81. MNG Basics Black Long Sleeves SOLD

80. Abercombie & Fitch's Half Body Off Shoulder SOLD

79. Two-Piece Cream SOLD

78. Authentic Roxy Long Sleeves SOLD
77. Goggles Off-Shoulder SOLD
76. WH Sweatpants SOLD
75. Greyish Feminine Cargos SOLD

74. Extra Tiny Fit White Halter SOLD

73. Matrix Printed Tank Top SOLD
72. Army Girl SOLD
71. Black Off-Shoulder Lining SOLD
70. Mossimo Long Hoodie SOLD
69. Peachy Pink Crossback Halter SOLD

68. Zara Basic Tank Top SOLD

67. WH Petite Sunshine SOLD

66. Aeropostale Collared Vee Long Sleeves SOLD

65. Myra's Long Tunic SOLD
64. Smocked White Tube Spag SOLD

63. Island Beach Racerback SOLD

62. Seasons Velvet Floral Jeans SOLD

61. Hollister Stripey Tee SOLD

60. Stripey Racerback Hoodie SOLD

59. V-neck Gathered Spag SOLD
58. Old Navy Petite Skinny Long Sleeves SOLD

57. Velvet Gathered Skirt SOLD
56. Authentic Supergirl Long Sleeves SOLD

55. Idol Gosip Statement Tee SOLD
54. How May I Ignore You Today Statement Tee SOLD
53. Padini Authentics Stripey Tee SOLD
52. Ribbon Boob Tube SOLD

51. Emmanuelle Off White Slacks SOLD

50. Marilyn Monroe Inspired Chiffon Dress SOLD

49. MNG Army Racerback SOLD

48. Imperial Chiffon Tube Top SOLD

47. Emanuelle Off-shoulder SOLD

46. Brown Halter SOLD

45. Half Jacket with Purple Lining SOLD
44. Shocking Pink Flare 3/4 Pants SOLD

43. White Diamante Seraphina Spag SOLD

42. Forestierre Chiffon Pants SOLD

41. Authentic Nevada Jeans Jacket SOLD

40. Padini Authentics Denim Skirt SOL
39. Pinkish Peach Halter SOLD

38. Grey Ringlet Halter SOLD

37. Leather Buttoned Skirt SOLD

36. White Crossback SOLD
35. 2 in 1 Racerback SOLD
34. Brown Flowy Skirt SOLD

33. Frilly Jeans Skirt SOLD

32. Authentic Tommy Hillfiger Beige Half Jacket SOLD

31. Creamy Long Halter SOLD

30. Authentic Ralph Lauren Polo Tee SOLD

29. Lacey Dark Purple Peasant Dress SOLD
28. Sub White Satin 3/4 Jacket SOLD

27. Diamante White Tank Top SOLD

26. Damsel White Racerback SOLD
25. Abercombie & Fitch Button Tube SOLD
24. MNG Basics Black Collared Tee SOLD

23. Scarlet Skinny Baby-t SOLD
22. Long Skinny Abercombie Tank Top SOLD

21. Shocking Pink MNG Addict Long Sleeves SOLD

20. MNG Grrrls 3/4 Sleeves SOLD

19. Mrs Superman! SOLD

18. Urban and Co Studded Halter SOLD

17. Blook Stripey Spag SOLD

16. Chili Long Sleeve SOLD

15. White Half Jacket SOLD

14. Khaki Turtleneck SOLD

13. Long Turquoise Off Shoulder SOLD

12. Red Sexyback SOLD

11. Extreme Hoodie SOLD

10. Turquoise Half Jacket SOLD

9. Ms. Turquoise SOLD

8. Stripey Racerback SOLD
7. Body Glove V-neck SOLD

6. Red Vintage Baby-T SOLD
5. Sleeveless Khaki Green SWAPPED
4. Split Baby-T SOLD

3. Phoenix Spaghetti SOLD
2. Satin Smocked Top SOLD
1. Sleeveless Armitage WITHDRAWN